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Best books to improve your English vocabulary

Summer and Holydays are always a good time for reading. If you want to enjoy and improve your English at the same time, a good strategy is reading English books.  Then, read on! Because if you read a lot, that will help to improve vocabulary, one of the most important tools to facilitate communication. If you read a story that you enjoy, it is likely that you will re-read sections that you are particularly attracted to and the vocabulary and syntax in these sections will be more memorable and usable. Is very important to choose stories that will grip your attention, one where the plot structure is fairly straightforward, ones with not too many characters, ones with relatively easy to understand syntax and vocabulary. And ones that are not too long. Then you will stand a good chance of finishing them. Here are a number of recommended reading list that may help you choose some suitable reading for pleasure or study purposes. The first ones is: 1100 words You Need to Know, a  best-seller for more than four decades, with word list and definitions, analogy exercises and words- in context exercise. For optimal ease and enjoyment in learning, the authors recommend 15 minute sessions with this book. All the new words for students to learn and replaced in the context of sentences that have been selected from well- know novels, plays, poems, newspaper, editorials, and TV broadcast. And here are some well known books that have a good style and rich vocabulary and at the same time are popular for English learners. Animal Farm. There is a short novel by G.Orwell, written in the style of a fable. It is an incredibly well-written novel against totalitarianism. Other very famous novel is 1984. It is longer than Animal farm and deals with the same topic, but from a different perspective. It might be a bit more difficult. If you like mysteries, any of Agatha Christiee’s novels would be a good choice. She created two of crime fiction’s most memorable characters, Hercule Poirot, the legendary Belgian detective and Miss Marple. It...

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