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10 Childrens Books to learn about business

Simple fact. Most of what we needed to know to succeed in business we learned on the playground, but now ignore or forget. Here is a recommendation for 10 books you should definitely add to your reading list and will teach you as much as some bestselling business books about what it takes to succeed in business…and life.   All those books are relatively short, and therefore easy to read, but if you look beyond the fact that these books are marketed as children’s books, they each contain important lessons that we would do well to remember. The Lorax – On respecting people and natural resources along the way. The Lorax tells the tale of the greedy and short-sighted Once-ler who chops down all his resources in an effort to grow his business. Not only does he despoil the environment, but he also puts himself out of business. This book is a must-read for any business student as it stresses the importance of balance and vision in growing a business as well as a reminder that natural resources must be dealt with respectfully. The Little Prince – On the role of compassion and intuition. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” “What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well…” “Well, I must endure the presence of two or three caterpillars if I wish to become acquainted with the butterflies.” “All men have the stars,” he answered, “but they are not the same things for different people. For some, who are travelers, the stars are guides. For others they are no more than little lights in the sky. For others, who are scholars, they are problems. For my businessman they were wealth. But all the stars are silent. Where the Wild Things Are - On the dance between quest, emotion, fear and solace. But one of the biggest business lessons—perseverance—comes from what happened to the book when it first came out. “According to Sendak, at first the book was banned...

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