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INF.- Moving Mainstream. The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report

Since the global financial crisis, alternative finance – which includes financial instruments and distributive channels that emerge outside of the traditional financial system – has thrived in the US, the UK and continental Europe. Inparticular, online alternative finance, from equity-based crowdfunding to peer-to-peer business lending, and from reward-based crowdfunding to debt-based securities, is supplying credit to SMEs, providing venture capital to start-ups, offering more diverse and transparent ways for consumers to invest or borrow money, fostering innovation, generating jobs and funding worthwhile social...

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Ebook.- Crowdfunding: la alternativa financiera para inversores y emprendedores

No descubrimos nada si afirmamos que el crowdfunding se ha convertido en una alternativa financiera en la que inversores con fondos y emprendedores o startups en busca de financiación llegan a un acuerdo que se ajusta a los intereses de ambos. Es la aplicación del modelo colaborativo en el ámbito financiero.    

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