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Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference

In the Professional Reading Club of may we have analyzed the book Quiet Influence: The Introvert’s Guide to Making a Difference, written by the executive coach Jenifer Kahnweiler, bestselling author of the Introverted Leader. In This book the author demonstrates how introverts can use their innate strengths to wield power, how introverts can be highly effective influencers and make a difference when, instead of trying to act like extroverts, they leverage six key strengths. The book maps out a powerful process for raising your QIQ (Quiet Influence Quotient) and includes a comprehensive quiz and planning guides to track progress. We live in a world where extrovert seem to rule, and the extroverts feel powerless, but Jernnifer Kahnaweiler proves introverts can be highly effective influencers when, instead of trying to act like extroverts, thy use their natural strengths to make a difference.  Kahnweiler identifies six unique strengths of introverts, six ways introverts can turn their natural inclinations into results: Taking Quiet Time - Introverts' need for periods of solitude can serve to spur creativity, increase self-awareness and help them connect with others. Kahnweiler tells the story of Julie Irving, whose daughter had a car accident when she backed her Dodge Durango into a huge truck because she couldn’t see through her car’s blind spot. A busy administrative assistant by day, Irving devotes time every evening to silence and rejuvenation. She likes to gaze at the night sky and let thoughts and frustrations flow. It was during one of these sessions that she got the idea to start a car-blind-spot safety program at her company, Battelle Energy Alliance, in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Irving came up with an interactive presentation and eventually took it to more than 10,000 people in her community. Preparation - Careful preparation makes Introverts feel more comfortable - and also makes them very knowledgeable and able to anticipate objections. Preparation helps you to become an expert, prove the value of your proposal, involve others and increase your confidence… And remember that you engage people precisely by involving them, so the mere act of asking someone for help increases...

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