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Hope is Not a Strategy

Hope is Not a Strategy. The 6 Keys to winning the Complex Sale is the book has been chosen to read and discussed in the February Professional Reading Club. In this book, the author, Rick Page - one of the most sought-after sales consultants and trainers in the world- lays out very definitive sales strategies to differentiate your value and effectively close sales in a business-to-business selling environment.  Rick Page combines consultative, competitive, political and team selling. He does a good job of collecting and presenting the most noteworthy points from collective conventional wisdom about selling. He illustrates these points with amusing, memorable anecdotes. One of the key points Rick makes is the need for an effective sales strategy and the importance of communicating that strategy. Sales strategies are executed at multiple levels and must be aligned both internally and externally with the client’s buying process. Using the Business Alignment Model enables your business to achieve both levels of alignment to differentiate your value and improve sales results. Hope is not a strategy show six-step process for making the sale, no matter how complex the deal or how many people are involved in the buying decision. Integrating the winning selling strategies used by the world's top salespeople, Page shows readers how to: Identify and sell to a prospect's business "pain" Qualify a prospect Build competitive preference Define a prospect's decision-making process The book has four sections: The Challenge -- The Complex Sale. The Solution -- R.A.D.A.R. (which stands for "R.eading A.ccounts and D.eploying A.ppropriate R.esources"). Strategies for Execution. Winning before the Battle -- Account Management One of the most interesting part in the first section is about how to blend talent on a sales team to get the right mix of skills and orientation. In this part we can learn about Tellers, Sellers, Hunters, Farmers, Business Developers, Partners, and the Industry-Networked Consultant. The second section, is been considerate the heart of the book, where describe R.A.D.A.R. which is "a simplified, six-step process that combines consultative, competitive, and political sales principles into a concise yet comprehensive process. Five of the...

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