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INF.- 10 Hot Consumer Trends

At Ericsson ConsumerLab, we study how consumers use the internet and communications technology in everyday life on a global scale in over 40 countries every year. This is the fifth consecutive year that we have published our 10 Hot Consumer Trends, and we haven’t changed our focus at all. Really, what has changed is the world around us. More specifically, there are three important underlying shifts that set the scene for how these trends should be interpreted. All consumer trends involve the internet Early adopters are less important Consumers have more influence Only a few years ago, there was a lot of focus on how the internet is influencing consumers. However, now consumers are using the internet to influence what goes on around them. For some time, prosumption – consumers participatingin the production process – was mostly limited to user-generated media content. However, online user reviews, opinion sharing, petitions and instant crowd activities are now becoming the norm more than an exception. Although not all online activity is carried out by engaged consumers and some may even be classed as ‘slacktivism’ (lethargic, one-click internet activism), it is still perceived to have real effect. With such a large part of the world’s population now online, it is clear that there is strength in...

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