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10 Tips about how to read a business book

The number of business books published in the United States every year are about 11.000, that make very difficult to choose a good one to read and get the best from it. Here you have a selection of 10 tips that will help you choose and read the right book. Suggestions from friends and colleagues are best, because they know you and your circumstances. Reliable media sources that regularly review business books are also a great source for concentrate in the book than interesting you most. Blogs, tweets, and Facebook statuses can be just as a help. Start with the cover. The tittle gives the book is about, them scan the table of contents. Most business books are made up a three to five major sections, each containing a number of chapters. Chapters are always titled and often subtitled to provide additional context. You might be surprised how often a scan of the Table of Contents will rule out a book. The introduction is THE most important part of any book. In business books, introductions are something different. You can immediately sense the tone and pace the author is going to use. The introduction should provide an explicit promise and the path by which it will be delivered. If you can’t make it through the introduction, and if it doesn’t leave you intrigued, chances are the book isn’t going to turn you on either. Choose Your Own Path. Set at least fifteen minutes aside to read and don’t spend much longer than 45 minutes. Too short a time and you can’t get your brain calmed down enough to pay attention to what you are reading. Too long and you’ll exceed your cranial buffer and start to forget important pieces. Destill the Central I Idea.: To be able to get something out of a book, you first need to understand what that key idea is, then summarize the key points. After finish a chapter, try to summarize the key points in your own words. Don’t stay in line. Once you`ve figured out the outline of the ideas, skip to the...

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