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INF.- The Missing Entrepreneurs 2015

The economic crisis has left us with a number of challenging legacies, including high unemployment – particularly for youth. In many European countries, youth unemployment averages  around twice the adult rates. Other groups are also affected. Women, immigrants and seniors all have higher levels of labour market inactivity or poorer labour market outcomes. OECD projections suggest that these challenges are unlikely to be resolved soon. We need an “all on board” approach to ensure a future built on both inclusion and growth. The OECD’s Inclusive Growth initiative has pinpointed a number of policy areas that can achieve this, including skills and entrepreneurship. This book focuses on inclusive entrepreneurship, i.e. ensuring that people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to start up in business or self-employment. Government policy can help people who are unemployed or disadvantaged in the labour market to create their own jobs by helping them gain entrepreneurship skills and motivations, access to  finance and entrepreneurial networks so that they can have a chance to create their own job. At the  same time, it is important that policy makers complement such efforts by continuing to support the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and...

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INF.- World employment social outlook

The world economy continues to expand at rates well below the trends that preceded the onset of the global crisis in 2008 and is unable to close the significant employment and social gaps that  have emerged. The challenge of bringing unemployment and underemployment back to pre-crisis  levels now appears as daunting a task as ever, with considerable societal and economic risks  associated with this situation....

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